ASEAN for You

CIMB Thai is a member of CIMB Group, Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider and one of the leading banking groups in ASEAN. With over 1,000 retail branches network from all corners of ASEAN, CIMB Group offers full banking products and service to meet every needs. We designed annual report 2011 to show their accomplishment and pledge of ASEAN power to all customers.


Our strategy was to reflect CIMB’s core competency, the well-equipped workforce enriched with diversity in nationalities, languages and cultures, making the bank an unrivaled mastery of customers’ needs. The report is accompanied by portraits of CIMB Thai people, from the management level, group head division to young blood employees, shot in a professional, confident and friendly manner. We also photographed their valuable customers and asked them to share the experience of close bond between them and CIMB Thai to add another dimension to the report. As the organization that see their success moving forward is the one that put their customers at the heart of their business and CIMB Thai has proved to be one.

Project : Annual Report 2011

Client : CIMB Thai

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Warut Wongsnanwut / Nuttida Rochanaluk

Photographer : Pittaya Nontapaoraya / Lek Kiatsirikajorn