Eternal Dream

PixCera provides high-quality decorative ceramic that reserve lasting beauty in resistance to heat, sunlight, acid, and base or any changing environments. In ASA Expo, an Architect Expo held annually by the Association of Siamese Architects to showcase creative and local Architectural Design, PixCera invited Double O Seth, a renowned collage artist, to collaborate with them to create unique pieces of work using PixCera technology to show attendees at the expo who mostly are architects, designers and homeowners.


We have designed a display booth under the concept of installation art to unveil the unique outcome of their brand, light but durable and beautiful. The video interview of the artist and product owner featured on the exhibit space allows people to learn more about PixCera.

Project : Booth / Leaflet / VDO

Client : PixCera

Design : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Graphic Designer / Booth Designer : Paputh Nimchuar

VDO Director : Siam Attariya

VDO Editor : Tassayawan Chamkrachang