To Prosper in the Year of Rooster

CIMB Thai is a member of CIMB Group, Malaysia’s second largest financial services provider and one of the leading banking groups in ASEAN. Holding the belief that ASEAN will prosper if we embrace   diversity, CIMB Group values differences in thought, opinion, culture and language in order to uniquely master regional customers’ needs. CIMB Thai commissioned us to design a calendar to welcome 2017.


As the sole of the bank lie in the foundation of ASEAN culture, art and tradition, the concept for the calendar is inspired by the sign of Chinese zodiac corresponding to the year 2017, a rooster. The rooster has long been considered a sacred animal in some cultures and deeply embedded within various religious and spiritual belief dated back to a period of Greek history since about 700 B.C. As Year of the Rooster dawns, it brings prosperity, victory and abundance. The calendar features a selection of rooster pictures in different context demonstrated the symbolic use of rooster in our daily life across the region. The featured pictures on different texture and medium reflect the story of an important national or international day in each month such as Valentines Day, Thai Family Day or International Women’s Day. The outcome echos CIMB Thai standpoint as the Bank who truly know ASEAN, the way of life, their belief and faith.

Project : Calendar 2018

Client : CIMB Thai

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Vichean Tow / Sangduan Supinta

Illustrator : Patiyya Phienprutti / Manisa Lekprayoon / Somsak Eadleng / Sarin Tgamol